What is Action Research?

12 thoughts on “What is Action Research?”

  1. I agree with you that this project or idea that we are going to use for Action Research can be difficult. I thought that your post was really well written and it sounds like you have put forth a lot of thought and effort into this topic. I’m curious to know what subjects you teach and what grade level? I think a possible starting point would be to ask us (your classmates), possibly during a Tuesday or Thursday session, how everyone has incorporated technology in their classrooms. As a high school math teacher, I have focus on graphing calculators and some other technology through computer lab time and projects.

    Good luck! I am sure you will figure it out and it will really help you with your teaching and the new standards.

  2. Barbra,
    I love your wordpress website you created. I especially enjoyed the title to your blog, Differentiation Diary…It sounds like you are on the right track to reaching your students. One way to approach your action research for integrating technology with the students’ learnings might be to include the students in your research platform. Ask the students what they think about how to approach this topic. It sounds like your students are quite technologically adept and that your school system provides technology for the students to use 🙂 Young people are smarter and quicker at technology than we are. There is a program we use at work, called Workbench. I recently had to transition over to using it. Workbench is not user friendly without prior instruction. One of my colleagues pipes up, “my 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son would have the program mastered in under an hour.” I nodded my head in utter defeat and agreement. It’s true though. It made me think, your students may be able to help you with the brainstorming and new standards in some way.

    1. Carrollea, thank you! I think you’re onto something. I like the idea of involving my students right from the start. They are not as technologically savvy as some, but they really enjoy being my technological guinea pigs.

  3. Barbra,

    As far as action research, I understand its importance. I know how what my students struggle with the most. If I know how they are struggling, then I should be the right person to find out how to help them with their struggles. The problem is trying to figure out how best to tackle that problem.

    Like you, I am stumped. I think you have a great idea and I hope you can develop it. I have never done any research on my own and I do not read into a lot of research myself. I just do not know where to start with my own thoughts that keep rolling around in my head. i hope we both get to where we are going soon. Good luck!

  4. I enjoyed your “Dear Diary” approach. I am also mulling several different ideas for my action research project, but like you found, some were just too big to tackle at this point. Looking at technology and the changing standards sounds like you are moving in a great direction.

  5. I believe your aspirations to creating trainings and programs really does show how much you realize the importance of passing on what you can learn from research and what it can do to better not only your teaching but others as well. I think we need to realize how important it is to share our knowledge! And yes, I too am still totally at a loss of what to do as a research idea, so don’t feel alone! We’ll all get there somehow!

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