Initial Data Analysis #seaccr

8 thoughts on “Initial Data Analysis #seaccr”

  1. Barbra- I like how you are using previous answers from your first survey/interview, to spark ideas for your next interview. It shows that you are really taking the time to analyze your data and that you are using it to improve the work you are doing. Also, thank you for including the videos, it is always nice to have information presented in a variety of ways.

  2. Your comments about internet access dependability and your survey results got me thinking. I used to think my internet access at my home was wonderful, until I traveled to locations where internet access really was wonderful. Suddenly, my attitude changed. Then I traveled to a few locations where internet access was horrible. Now my home network seemed pretty spectacular again. You nailed it perfectly when you said the opinions expressed were subjective. It would be good to know the respondents point of view. It sounds like you will take care of that part in your follow up interviews.

    Digital literacy is a significant topic. It can also be a topic of contention among the technologically challenged. Younger teachers have spent most of their lives surrounded by technology and are well versed in their use. Old guys like me spent a large part of their lives not having to deal with technology. I believe it’s important for me to understand and use available technologies in my classroom as often as possible. Not everyone my age agrees with me. The level of technological competence in a school district can be extremely diverse. Training is paramount to insure we are all on the same page. Financially, that can be a huge roadblock. The demands of the job and financial cutbacks often limit the time school districts can devote to faculty training. The new standards, however, demand technology become a routine part of every classroom. Our attitude needs to be that technology is here to stay and our students need to know how to use it well in order for them to be successful.

    Good luck with your data collection. It looks like you’re off to a good start. And thanks for the humorous picture and caption at the beginning of this weeks blog post. It reminds me of the hours I spent feeding cards into the card reader in my college computer lab. (Yes, I really did have to do that.)

    1. Digital literacy is the key. I know many people of many ages who are on varying places on the digital literate spectrum. It doesn’t matter how old they are. It is a case of differentiating instruction based on each individual’s needs. When you speak of attitude, that is a tougher bit. Many who are not literate (that I know personally) are not interested. They understand that technology is here to stay, but are really not interested. They are also not “bad” people and want to do the right thing for students. I think that we can close the gap with these people by our administration having a strong vision that incorporates technology. The resisting teachers would opt in if their bosses told them that this is an expectation… and then follow up with training and support. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Thanks for your interesting information. I’m grateful to you for your source on embedding digital literacy using technology. In my first grade I struggle to have equipment that is of a high enough quality for the children to use. We seem to get the district leftovers and they very seldom work. I haven’t seen enough value in using technology in literacy to fight for the kids on this issue. Your blog is convincing me. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. I think there needs to be a movement toward digital literacy in education. I can only hope that the administrators that lead our districts begin to buy in to this movement. We can only go as far as our leaders will take us…

  4. I’m curious about the different ways that people use SMARTboards in their classroom – if they use them simply as a projector, do they consider that as “technology use”?

    Thanks for the response about the perception of Internet reliability. I’m always curious to hear more about that from around the state. Do you guys get your connection via satellite?

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