Others’ Perspectives

6 thoughts on “Others’ Perspectives”

  1. “Outside of this support, we currently see teachers opting in to the integration of technology based on individual comfort level and interest.” Very true story, and sometimes “comfort level” also means what-I-feel-like-making-time-for level. I’m glad you found a reading on math specifically – I hadn’t looked for one, and I have a feeling we (I) still have a lot to learn there. We should be able to get some good information about Washington’s interactive site. What they have done ties in with your idea about making the tool more organic so that it is sustainable and can change and grow over time, rather than being just a static site. We’ll need to discuss a platform that can help us do that (can’t deny I’m excited to get to the building stage), but first the research! Also, can you link these readings (or upload them) to our wiki? Thanks Barbra!

      1. Re: symbaloo – just a cursory check out – looks interesting. How do you envision us using something like this?

      2. I, too, have seen it in a cursory way. A peer of mine likes it to organize links. I thought maybe there could be standards and each symbaloo page could have the links. Maybe this is too cumbersome of a way to put the resources out there…

  2. Barbra:

    I think this project you and Tracie are conducting has some powerful possibilities. The fact is that the Common Core includes a number of technology informed standards with explicit demands. Thus, a project like this really has potentially a much farther reach than you might both even imagine. It really can be of service to colleagues around the state. I wish you well. Plus, I have a lot of experience in the area and would love to assist you guys in any way I can.


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