Week 2 Reflection – #seaccr

One thought on “Week 2 Reflection – #seaccr”

  1. Hi Barbra,
    I might have an interesting opportunity that would fit your research question. I am an instructional technology teacher at a school that is about to implement ZUNI. The website is in the testing phase and the principal has asked me to go over it and establish a plan to integrate into the the teacher toolboxes. (Promotion & Training)
    The site is being offered to only one school and is tailored to some extent towards the schools needs. The resources available on the site are already tied to the Alaska Standards. Their our audio and video podcasts, animated e-books, interact Smartboard lessons, Khan Academy videos, and there’s a lot more. There is a bit of professional development that comes with it. What I would be able to do is gauge how much time teachers use tech tools to assist their lessons right away. Then offer this website which is a Standards based and see if time of use and/or teacher sentiment changes by using polls and surveys along with some teachers using a time log when using the tools. I would interested in collaborating with you and offer my findings if you think it would help.


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