New Alaska State Standards and a Research Question

11 thoughts on “New Alaska State Standards and a Research Question”

  1. What a great research question! I think that would be a wonderful tool for teachers to use. I think the shift from GLEs to the new standards is a big one, and will be a challenge for both teachers and students. I look forward to hearing how your project goes.

  2. Awesome research question!! Anyway that will help teachers make sense of the standards and how they apply to our curriculum programs is helpful. Also a healthy dose of discussion and collaboration between teachers to plan lessons that make sense to everyone. Talking about what it will look like can really help us make a lesson be engaging and meaningful for our students. As for tools for teachers, examples of artifacts for students to either make or use. Also rubrics or a rubric making tool for given projects and activities. Give us something to base students assessment by.

  3. I would love it if many different tech elements could be together in one place! I like that Tweets are short and sweet, but might not be effective for this type of environment. I am looking forward to seeing where this research leads you.

  4. Having tech resources that pertain to the stated standards in one location would be fantastic. There are tons of tech resources available online but it can take a long time sorting through it to find something that fits the lesson and the standards that are being addressed. A single location with ideas broken down by subject, topic, and standard would help streamline the search process.

  5. I enjoyed reading your research question. I think having a site to help teachers with their interactive whiteboards is very important. I have seen so many teachers have technology tools in their classrooms and not even use them. I think if there is an easy website to view and learn quickly about technology, a lot more educators would use the tools in their classroom. I agree with you on the shift from GLEs to the new standards. I think having responses and evidence from the text is very important. Our district created a Basal Alignment Project this past summer. Each teacher grades K-12 received a planning guide for the year. The planning guide explained every concept that needed to be taught each week, what vocabulary words teachers needed to introduce and review, essential questions and two different writing activities to be completed. When I create my lesson plans, I use the Basal Alignment document and the Common Core State Standards book. I have found my lessons to be more common core aligned with this.

    This is the website you can view each the new Language Arts Academic Plans for the year. I also, enjoy how the academic plans include all the common core state standards that are included in each week.

  6. I also wonder how well teachers will cover the new standards if they are allowed to create their own curriculum. It seems like a chance for some teachers to sneak out the back door. I think this would backfire when these same teachers are being evaluated on how well their students have mastered these same standards.

    I think your research idea is a great one! Like many of the other teachers that have posted replies, I think it would just be great to have all of the technological aspects of the standards listed in one place. I also like the idea of having student artifacts as examples that teachers can use to create their own ideas. Sometimes when it comes to technology, I get stumped with how to incorporate it into my classroom and I just like seeing other ideas to help unboggle my head!

    Cannot wait to see more from you! Good luck!

  7. Having a technology program to help utilize the new language arts standards would be a great asset to our classrooms. I think the biggest problem is overcoming a LA teacher’s reluctance to use technology. I know many LA teachers who feel that technology should not be replacing the actual reading in a text, and who are uncomfortable using technology themselves. (I know I’ve struggled with the technology but feel that I’m getting better:))) This type of program would be extremely beneficial and I am looking forward to seeing it.

  8. This is a great research question that I believe is very relevant to ccs standards. Because technological tools are readily available to almost every student and teacher and their are a multitude of technological tools it would be of great benefit if the new standards suggested what tools teachers can use at different grade level to help implement the new standard. For instance Google Doc is required for students in 4th-12 grade. This is a great research and collaboration tool among students in the same class. In the future this could include collaboration between students of different schools at the same grade level. This is not much different from the technology used in E-learning classes such as this one.

  9. Barbra:

    Interesting question, to be sure. Are you interested in how the technology is woven into the Common Core or more specifically concerned with tools? There are a number of standards that make explicit technological demands but do not necessarily specify tools. Do you envision a palette of tools might be linked to these standards, providing a kind of menu for teachers? The task should always dictate the tools, in my mind.

    I, for one, keep wondering when exactly technology is no longer considered a separate thing, but simply an invisible part of the day. After all, we don’t spend a lot of time figuring out how to integrate a pencil white board into our classroom, nor should we. I look forward to the day when it is that way with most digital devices. They already are practically an extension of many students’ hands as it is.

    Good luck,

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