Final Draft of “Point Hope History Project” UBD Language Arts Unit

4 thoughts on “Final Draft of “Point Hope History Project” UBD Language Arts Unit”

  1. Hey Barbra! I just reviewed your work (catching up, sorry). Your outline here on your blog is very clear and precise! Great! Using the QM rubric, most categories were met (in my eyes, anyway). And perhaps I missed it, but how were you planning to do assessment and allow self-reflection for the student? I saw on your Edmodo site that there was a final test scheduled. Were the on-going assessments going to come by way of observation in the teaching time? Standard 3.3 says, “Specific and descriptive criteria are provided for the evaluation of students’ work and participation and are tied to the course grading policy.” Kind of like a syllabus, it’s important to state exactly the expectations the students will need to meet.
    This was great! I’m impressed with the amount of detailed work you put in here. I am severely intimidated! 😀

  2. Some more substantive thoughts now…

    – What sorts of parameters are you looking for regarding the movie? How long of footage? As objective as possible? Trying to advance some sort of cause?

    – Will students continue to work in their group of 3 throughout the course or will the groupings change after the initial video?

    – How to avoid video production traps such as the black hole of editing, etc.?

    – Seems like a ripe opportunity to using local music and art if possible.

    – I like breaking things up into different folders, but wondering if students in the target grade level would respond better to organizing the content into weekly folders instead of by content type.

    – I like the emphasis on learning how to interview and put their notes down in an organized fashion.

    – I really like the idea of public display of their work.

    Great work!

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