Square One – Building an Online Course

4 thoughts on “Square One – Building an Online Course”

  1. I think this is a great idea. You have everything easily listed and summarized in your “skeleton” unit. This sounds like a great unit that will be familiar and exciting to your students. I would love to be able to see how some of the final documentaries come out.

    1. I wanted to say also that although your students may not be familiar with an online course, I really think they will be able to complete this unit asynchronously. I read somewhere that even though a class is labeled asynchronous, most of them are a combination – and with you in the classroom supervising, I think this will work out great!

  2. I love the idea of having students actively seek out stories from their elders. How many of your students speak the native language of their grandparents? It would be neat to overlay the two together, perhaps as a simple captioned YouTube video.

    People have told me many different ideas about Native Alaskan culture, on how it is an oral tradition, on the value given to listening to elders. I hope that is still prevalent amongst the youth. In a recent trip I actively forced myself to listen to a woman from the area speak at length about how the tundra and caribou have changed in her lifetime, how set net sites changes with the advent of the skiff, how fishing is changing with the rising cost of fuel and ice. Even though my plate was completely full of things that I thought that I needed to accomplish during the trip I sat there and just listened, which isn’t something that comes very easy to me at all (you could have seen me twitch, I’m sure). It was a very enriching experience however, and I thought deeply about it as I was on the road out to the airport, watching the large patches of the tundra that were giving way to alders, and passing by the diesel-powered electric plant, and the various canneries. Gave me a renewed sense of place, in a way.

    Best of luck, I wish I would have interviewed my own elders more.

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