Things to Consider – Developing a Distance Learning Course

2 thoughts on “Things to Consider – Developing a Distance Learning Course”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    FERPA can be very scary. Taking a course on FERPA is on of my requirements for working for the college. Basically, I can say anything to anyone without written permission for the student. And, sometimes, as you are finding out, the written permission might not be enough.

  2. Barbra,
    Lots of good stuff!! First of all, YES YOU CAN teach from the comfort of your sailboat. I teach online courses for UAA and a university in Colorado and am able to do that in my remote cabin on Skilak Lake near Cooper Landing. I have a data plan on my iPad, hook it up to a keyboard, and 27″ monitor (I’m old and need the big screen), and away we go. Works great as I sit on my deck, in the sun, with nothing but the birds and moose…and occassional bear in the yard.

    As far as your comments on your articles: one of the most difficult things I deal with is the attrition rate of my students. It seems that my classes fill up fast, but then students drop out quickly as they discover that self-directed learning is difficult. After research over the years, I realize that it helps by getting involved in my student’s lives…even if it is online. Staying in constant contact and caring about their success has helped somewhat.

    You mentioned the pay of distance teachers…from my experience, online teachers make significantly less than face 2 face teachers. Some programs offer salaries per student, some per course. There is good and bad to both of these. I am currently developing courses for “dual credit” for my students. I am able to offer my seniors high school and university credit for several online courses I teach in Soldotna. This works great because even though they are online, my students are at my school everyday and can get questions answered from me face 2 face. At present, my graduating seniors are able to get 18 credits of college work, then go to UAA already ahead of the game.

    Great idea about WebQuest. I need to do some research on this. Thanks for all the info

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