Who are the Learners in my Classroom?

5 thoughts on “Who are the Learners in my Classroom?”

  1. Barbara, this is a very cool blog set up. I spent hours just figuring out how to get one little widget into my sidebar yesterday. That is neat that your Diigo finds automatically post here. I would like to figure out how to do that too. So much to learn.

  2. Dear Barbara,

    Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas and reflections. I’m also not a Twitter fan until getting involved in this MOOC. Now, I’m addicted to tweeting and tweeting all the day. It is a very valuable tool through which we can share, connect, learn and ask questions to receive instant responses.

    To make you feel so happy, you do a great job. Your reflection shows how organized you are. Also, you don’t need to read all posts. I just read and leave comments to the ideas I like the most. The process is so flexible. Enjoy your time.

    Best Regard!
    If you have time, please visit my week 2 reflection and leave a comment to me

  3. Just today I posted about my PLN isn’t that synchronous? I work really hard to create a community in my classes and we begin by sharing Me Museums and six-word memoirs. This semester I’m experimenting with making this activity an actual assignment which we assess with badges (developed by the students). It has been fun so far. We’ll see how it all turns out.

  4. Really a nice description of your process this week. I am also fighting that lurking uncomfortable feeling that I am missing something and don’t feel quite as organized as you appear to be. I do not have a class currently, so maybe it’s difficult for me to envision implementing the tools we are researching? Just a thought. Also, I don’t understand the storytelling angle within the wikispace group? Do the groups need to have a specific focus?

  5. I like the thought of polling for your students’ background and interests rather than trying to figure out their exact learning style. From my own experience of trying to figure out my learning style the only thing I could determine was that the more senses I involved the more likely I am to learn something.

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