What are the characteristics I will need to be successful in this MOOC?

2 thoughts on “What are the characteristics I will need to be successful in this MOOC?”

  1. Barbara – congratulations – you ARE organized! There is a lot to keep track of for this course. I think my biggest fear parallels everyone else’s – I hope I don’t miss something! I can’t count how many times I’ve made a video, uploaded it to YouTube, and THEN saw my mistakes! Luckily I don’t think any of them will go viral, so I don’t stress too much over it. I’m excited to work with you on our project wiki. I have a middle school class this year that I’ve been doing some videos with, but I think a well thought-out digital storytelling project will be perfect for them. One of my early teaching assignments was a 4th, 5th, 6th grade class in a village school for 2 years. Since then I’ve been middle and high school, but I’ve found that due to varying readiness levels, a lot of the stuff I worked with back then can translate to middle school just fine.

    Your blog looks great (though I really liked reading through your other one too – what an adventure you are living!)

    1. Thanks Tracie. Means a lot coming from you! I also keep hoping that I don’t miss anything. I think keeping a blog to organize everything is key. I’m grateful that we have a well-organized professor to help us along!

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